MUNDI – One of a kind

People were surprised when the first day of the Reykjavík Fashion Festival they were taken to the parking lot of Harpa concert hall to see the first fashion show. We could feel the curiosity on the atmosphere and the expectation to see Mundi’s collection.

The show started with a short film (see bellow) and then the characters came to life presenting an unconventional collection, which was no surprise for those who already knew the work of this multidisciplinary artist.

Mundi answered to my questions about the festival and his collection.

Your show started with a short film and the models “came to life” from the screen to the catwalk. How did you come up with this idea?

Well I wanted to make a film about the collection and then it just came together, you know show the collection in a film and then take it into real life.

You were the only designer to show on a different place at Harpa: the parking lot. Why did you choose this space?

It was looking so good that I thought I would give it a shot.

We could see how you use your graphic designer skills for the prints. Do you work first on the prints and design your collections after them?

Yes, first I make the textiles, and then apply them into the collection

What has it been for you the best moment of this edition?

The best moment was my own show, of course for me hehehe

What is your next project?

I’m currently in Shanghai working on a computer game.

To learn more about MUNDI click here.

To buy MUNDI online click here.

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