Hildur Yeoman – When Art Meets Fashion

Hildur Yeoman‘s show at the Reykjavík Fashion Festival was for me one of the most fun moments of this edition. An unconventional catwalk show that put on stage not only models, but also dancers and the singer Daníel Ágúst, making it difficult for the audience to stay on their seats and not to join the party !

I asked Hildur Yeoman few questions about the inspiration for the show and the collection.

How was your experience at Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2012?

It was good. I met so many lovely people and had a great time at the shows

Your show was so fun! Roller skaters,  dancers, the singer… why did you decide to make such a rich scenography?

I wanted to think of it more as an happening than a normal fashion show. I wanted to bring my illustrated world to life with singing and dancing. To create a party onstage that would bring a smile to people´s faces and have them dancing in their seats. It started out quite black and dreamy but towards the end it was very colorful, sparkly and super energetic. It wouldn´t have been possible without the amazing talents that took part in it with me like coreographer Sigga Soffía, singer Daníel Ágúst and all the amazing dancers and models.

You presented a quite unusual clothing collection. Where is the inspiration coming from?

Well I was in it for the show. I wanted to give myself total freedom to experiment, to create a plastic utopia. I had some very challenging fabric choices such as tinsel, which I knitted from. But I also showed hand printed silk dresses, loads of embroidered pieces and accessories. The inspiration came as much from fabrics and techniques as it did from disco movies, the Cockettes and renaissance paintings.

What is your next project?

I´m making more clothing for dancers at the moment and an illustrated editorial. Then there are loads of adventures coming up.

To learn more about Hildur Yeoman click here.

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One Response to Hildur Yeoman – When Art Meets Fashion

  1. Steph says:

    very unusual indeed and the illustration is so amazing! this is definitely an example of fashion is art :)

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