Visit to the Modern Past

Yesterday I went to visit the Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. I had been so looking forward to it that I was scared it would disappoint me, but not at all. I enjoyed the whole visit. When I arrived to Getaria (Balenciaga’s home town and where the museum is located) I could already feel that the museum had been inaugurated in the atmosphere. Amazing street posters would advertise it all around the small fishermen town.

The museum in itself is a mixture between modern and classic, I guess that is a hint to Balenciaga’s creations that even though they are classic pieces they remain modern through time.

I loved every detail of the museum, the only bad thing was the lighting which did not allow to take nice pictures. It is a pity the bad quality of the pictures I took, but I could not resist posting some.

As it was really sad not to be able to get nice photos, in the end I bought the book about the museum collection.

I definitely recommend visiting this museum, I just wished that when getting out through the gift store instead of books and posters, there were replicas of the dresses.

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