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1. Valentino    2. Alexander McQueen    3. Hussein Chalayan    4. Marc by Marc Jacobs      5. Maison Martin Margiela

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Behind the scenes: Finland’s Next Top Model

Couple of weeks ago the crew of Finland’s Next Top Model came to Iceland and they had a fashion show at Harpa with the Icelandic designer STEiNUNN. The Finish models showed the designer’s latest collection as well as Icelandair’s vintage stewardess’ uniforms.

It was great fun to be helping Steinunn Sigurdardottir and to take pictures behind the scenes. I cannot publish them all now, because the show has not been aired yet, but here you have some of the photos.

I will publish the rest in August ;)

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MUNDI – One of a kind

People were surprised when the first day of the Reykjavík Fashion Festival they were taken to the parking lot of Harpa concert hall to see the first fashion show. We could feel the curiosity on the atmosphere and the expectation to see Mundi’s collection.

The show started with a short film (see bellow) and then the characters came to life presenting an unconventional collection, which was no surprise for those who already knew the work of this multidisciplinary artist.

Mundi answered to my questions about the festival and his collection.

Your show started with a short film and the models “came to life” from the screen to the catwalk. How did you come up with this idea?

Well I wanted to make a film about the collection and then it just came together, you know show the collection in a film and then take it into real life.

You were the only designer to show on a different place at Harpa: the parking lot. Why did you choose this space?

It was looking so good that I thought I would give it a shot.

We could see how you use your graphic designer skills for the prints. Do you work first on the prints and design your collections after them?

Yes, first I make the textiles, and then apply them into the collection

What has it been for you the best moment of this edition?

The best moment was my own show, of course for me hehehe

What is your next project?

I’m currently in Shanghai working on a computer game.

To learn more about MUNDI click here.

To buy MUNDI online click here.

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Behind the scenes: ELLA summer 2012 look-book

Yesterday we had the photo-shoot for the ELLA summer look-book. It was a great day surrounded by an amazing team of professionals.

  • Stylist: Elínrós Lindal (Creative Director and CEO at ELLA)
  • Photographer: Silja Magg
  • Hair & Make-Up: Gudbjörg Hulddís
  • Models: Edda Óskars, Matta & Magdalena Sara Leifsdóttir.

These are some of the pictures I took behind the scenes.

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Hildur Yeoman – When Art Meets Fashion

Hildur Yeoman‘s show at the Reykjavík Fashion Festival was for me one of the most fun moments of this edition. An unconventional catwalk show that put on stage not only models, but also dancers and the singer Daníel Ágúst, making it difficult for the audience to stay on their seats and not to join the party !

I asked Hildur Yeoman few questions about the inspiration for the show and the collection.

How was your experience at Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2012?

It was good. I met so many lovely people and had a great time at the shows

Your show was so fun! Roller skaters,  dancers, the singer… why did you decide to make such a rich scenography?

I wanted to think of it more as an happening than a normal fashion show. I wanted to bring my illustrated world to life with singing and dancing. To create a party onstage that would bring a smile to people´s faces and have them dancing in their seats. It started out quite black and dreamy but towards the end it was very colorful, sparkly and super energetic. It wouldn´t have been possible without the amazing talents that took part in it with me like coreographer Sigga Soffía, singer Daníel Ágúst and all the amazing dancers and models.

You presented a quite unusual clothing collection. Where is the inspiration coming from?

Well I was in it for the show. I wanted to give myself total freedom to experiment, to create a plastic utopia. I had some very challenging fabric choices such as tinsel, which I knitted from. But I also showed hand printed silk dresses, loads of embroidered pieces and accessories. The inspiration came as much from fabrics and techniques as it did from disco movies, the Cockettes and renaissance paintings.

What is your next project?

I´m making more clothing for dancers at the moment and an illustrated editorial. Then there are loads of adventures coming up.

To learn more about Hildur Yeoman click here.

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REY – A treasure for your wardrobe

A classy collection with clean and asymmetric cuts is what REY showed at the Reykjavík Fashion Festival’s third edition. We could see why it is so important for Rebekka Jónsdóttir, the designer of the Icelandic brand, to choose the fabrics of her collection and the elegant feeling that the textiles enhance.

I had the opportunity to talk to Rebekka after RFF about her experience on this edition and collection.

How was for you to show this time at RFF? Did you feel a difference from the first time?

This time around, I was little bit more secure, it helped a lot to deal with all the unexpected turns. In the process of putting up a runway show it is unavoidable that somethings do not go according to plan. One handles the stress better if you have been through the ringer before. I do feel that RFF 3 was better for REY in many aspects than the year before, got more foreign press for example.

We saw on the catwalk a chic collection with a really nice cut, what was your inspiration?

I was looking at a lot of black and white photographs, mostly by Robert Mapplethorpe. I just read the memoir Just Kids by Patti Smith , in which she chronicles their relationship. The book is very moving and sort of gets in your head, does not let go. I got curious to study them a bit more through his work. This collection is a bit more edgy in cut and style than my previous ones.

You mentioned before that sometimes you design according to the fabric, depending on what it inspires you; but how do you make the fabric selection?

As my aim with each piece of my collection is to become a staple in the REY customers wardrobe, the fabric selection is crucial. I tend to gravitate towards natural fibers. I like a lot of drape. I usually start out by finding the one or two main fabrics. Fabric selection can be a bit tricky as I am located in Iceland but I try to gather samples on my travels and also try to cultivate good relationships with fabric producers abroad that send me tons of samples.

What was the big surprise at RFF for you, if there was any?

…that I am willing to do it again ..

What are you working on now?

I am doing a lot of follow up work with AW2012, press and buyers. And the the ball starts all over again with mood board for SS2013.

To learn more about REY click here.

To buy REY online click here.

* Photos by Marino Thorlacious.

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